Admin Userís Guide.

Web Admin is an application which allows you to manage your picture gallery. It looks like Windows Explorer, but some features should be clarified.

Web Admin page consists of three frames Ė toolbar, file list and file information.


Toolbar contains the following buttons (some of them may be absent due Web Admin options):

Navigation buttons

Links to the root folder.

Shows all the images, which was uploaded by Gallery visitors but which was not reviewed. This images arenít displayed at the Gallery until you allow it (after considering whether the picture matches to your Gallery).

Links to the parent folder. At the root it is disabled.

Files creating buttons

Creates new folder.

Uploads new files from client to server. You can put different restrictions to it (such as max file size limitations or file types).

Uploads image directly from scanner.

File management

Cuts selected files to the "clipboard".

Copy. Copies selected files to the "clipboard".

Pastes selected files from the "clipboard". All the descriptions and other file information is transferred too.

Deletes selected files.


Puts watermark to the selected image. You can specify watermark parameters in the Options.

Shows Options dialog. It allows you to set up watermarking parameters and file pasting/uploading behavior when file names conflict occurred.

When someone uploads some image, you should consider whether it is suitable for your gallery. Thatís why this image is not appear at the Gallery immediately but it is visible in Web Admin only and its icon is marked with queston-mark. You can review it and either publish it (using this button) or delete (using Delete button). It is convenient to use Not Reviewed button to check whether new files are uploaded.

Shows this page.

File List

File list doesnít presents something sophisticated. The list has the following columns:

File information block

File information block contains the following:

If the current list item is folder, the following piece of information is provided:

If the current list item is file, the following pieces of information are provided:

Donít forget to click OK button to commit changes (or Cancel for rollback).